Papers of all speakers. Detailed timetable will be published approximately two weeks before workshop.

Learn more about:

        Aircraft Hijacking
Bomb attacks
        Insider threats
Pilot Suicides
Disruptive passenger handling
Cyber threats
        CBRNe threats 

Provisional Programme:

4 June 2019

Jana Podolková
Introduction to the workshop

Richard Kubelka
AVSEC Training – What our cabin crew need to know?

Martina Lehen Benková
The new profiling approach in aviation

Yana Nikolaenko
The technical profiling method with stimulus presentation selection by Vibraimage technology for aviation security

Bohdan Koverdynský
Cyber security at Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic 

Jana Podolková
Insider Threats

Karel Lehmert
The DETOXICON project

Martin Röhrich
Stress, coping with stress and mental durability under extreme achievement measured with BioFeedback instruments

Julienne Busić
Lovers and Madman: The Hijacking of TWA flight No. 355 (1976)

5 June 2019

Karel Lehmert
Airport security approach to unconventional threats

Roman Štědrý
Use of pressure points to pacify a suspect in a confined space

Denisa Podolková
Pilots´ Suicides – Case Studies

Karel Lehmert, Nicoletta Hamplová
Methamphetamine microdosing – unknown public safety risk

Kamil Polák
Mindfulness training for better physical and mental performance

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