Julienne Bušić
Hijacker of TWA flight 355

Julienne Bušić was born in Oregon, USA and was active in publicizing human rights violations in the former Yugoslavia.
In 1976 she, her husband, and three others hijacked TWA flight 355 departing New York to Chicago to force the worldwide media to print leaflets promoting Croatian independence from the Yugoslav dictatorship.“ After her release from prison, she worked in the newly independent Croatia as adviser in the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

Karel Lehmert
Head of CBRNe Forensic Sampling Laboratory – VAKOS XT

Karel Lehmert has started with bioterrorism prevention practicing on „anthrax letters“ and agriterrorism in 2002. Later he took part in development of INTERPOL Bioterrorism Prevention Curriculum and worked for INTERPOL Bioterrorism Prevention Unit as scientific expert. Also works as consultant for various governmental and business subjects.

Iana Nikolaenko

Yana graduated on St. Petersburg University as a Doctor of Philosophy, by speciality Special Psychologist. She is engaged in the study of accentuations of character and deviant behaviour with the help of the Vibraimage technology, diagnostics of borderline states, where the person is considered as a complex cybernetic system with many variables. Yana is author of more than 40 science publications and 3 science monographs. Currently working as Chief psychologist in Elsys Corp. (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation).

Jana Podolková
Aviation Security Expert

Since 2001 Jana Podolkova has worked as a Civil Aviation Security Expert.  She has extensive experience working as a Senior Official at the Ministry of Transport (Civil Aviation Department) Czech Republic.  Jana has attended various International seminars, meetings and workshops held by the European Commission, ECAC, ICAO and IATA.  Currently, she is working as a AVSEC Instructor and Consultant, as well as an ICAO Aviation Security Instructor.

Richard Kubelka
Aviation Security Manager

He joined civil aviation business in 1990´s and worked as a Cabin Crew and Security Officer at Fischer Air before leaving to Czech Airlines in 2005 when he was responsible for AVSEC training.
He specialises in in-flight security and safety and delivers Aviation Security Courses for airport staff, airlines and security personnel. 

Bohdan Koverdynský
Chief Security Officer

Security professional with a wide experience from analytical, advisory, diplomatic, regulatory and managerial positions in the areas of aviation security, physical security, information security, emergency and contingency management and international relations. Script author and producer of several educational films. Author of books and guidance materials related to aviation security and dozens of security oriented articles and studies.

Martina Lehen Benková
Security Manager

She started to be focused on aviation security field from early beginning in 2005 and after successful completion of appropriate cabin crew trainings she also achieved ICAO certification and accreditation of Ministry of Transport of Slovak republic for aviation security instructor as well as ICAO AVSEC Professional management course certificate. Recently she is performing security trainings for various aviation service providers including airports as instructor of aviation security training in Slovakia.

Nicoletta Hamplová

Specialized on therapy of drug addicts, research completely new topic of involuntary microdosing. Former CBRNe forensic operator works on government grants to develop therapeutic system for psychosocial support of persons hit by narcotic clandestine laboratories and their relatives.

Roman Štědrý
Close combat lecturer

He has 20 years of experience at specialized departments of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. A long-time instructor of professional self-defence and martial arts focused on tactical solutions, behavior and training of limit situations and increasing physical resilience. Law enforcement trainer of hand-to-hand combat, instinctive shooting and shooting under pressure.

Kamil Polák
Head of Specialized Methodology Dept.

After 20 years of experience in specialized units of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic works as professional consultant in the area of enhancing mental resilience for law enforcement and athletic representatives of the Czech Republic, World Championship and Olympic Games participants (OLYMP Sport Centre of the Ministry of the Interior). Also leads research project focused on influence of special autoregulation trainings for increasing physical resilience and performance.

Martin Röhrich
BioFeedback, NeuroKinetics and Body Behavioural Specialist

Martin Röhrich is highly experienced in BioFeedback, NeuroFeedback, NeuroKinetics, body behavioural and diagnostic, especially for Peak Performance and stress management. From 2017 is a part of the Optima and Detoxicon projects which are held by Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. He is also active member of the OKAG group – EU-OSHA and Czech Employer deputy member in EU-OSHA Committee. Martin spent big part of his previous career in International companies in Czech Republic and also abroad as O2, Alcatel, Valeo, Denso, Toyta, Deloitte, Daikin, Honeywell etc. on management and top management positions in human resource, project management and technical fields.